Our National Office Team

Expertise Rooted In Excellence

You need information given in an accurate, timely, and well-crafted manner for it to have a meaningful impact on your business. Otherwise, it only holds you back as you deal with multiple rounds of auditor feedback or your internal team has to spend more time revising to get what you need.

Whether we’re supporting your company with financial documentation assistance, working with an auditor, or other technical processes, Centri’s Quality Control team reviews all deliverables concurrently as they’re developed.

That way your business is getting a well-informed deliverable that’s ready to help move you forward.

Meet Our National Office Team

Our accomplished experts have worked across Big 4 companies or across other firms, and they leverage their experience in every project we do.

They understand what auditors and other stakeholders are looking for and are able to provide that detailed, high-level review to ensure the deliverable you’re getting from us meets those needs.

Jaime Krug
Jeffery Baker
Bruce Bernstein
John Capecci
Geoffrey D. Dennis
R. Jeffrey Galli
Stephen Gatto
Kathy Leidheiser
John Mucha
Steve Rathjen
Bob Steen

How It All Works

After identifying what you need, you’ll have an established team working alongside your business. And as that team develops different deliverables (like financial statements, technical positions, flowcharts, or process narratives, etc.) they’ll have the opportunity to involve the Quality Team as needed.

After the items are completed, they’re pushed over to our National Office Desk. Our Quality Control Reviewers will provide final feedback and once they’ve approved it, we’ll send the deliverable to you or your auditor, depending on the circumstances of our working relationship with you.

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