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As a business owner, you execute complicated, impactful deals on a near-daily basis. And the repercussions of these deals impact how transactions are recorded in your financial statements. Accurately documenting how deals influence your financial records can take hours of research and review. While some companies have the time and expertise necessary to prepare technical accounting memos in-house, many do not.

Our accounting position papers:

  • Describe the background of the issue
  • Provide any supporting literature
  • Present a well-supported conclusion

If you’d rather focus on growing your business than researching accounting guidance and assembling a position accordingly, consult with Centri. Our team of experts has the knowledge and research tools to assemble an accurate, technically-sound position paper for use by regulatory agencies and auditors.

We provide the following services:

Our experienced accountants combine their robust technical skills with a solid understanding of U.S. GAAP, IFRS, and other generally accepted accounting principles, including local GAAP. They also have the expertise to navigate complex accounting databases to find any relevant accounting standards necessary for your position paper.

Accounting position papers keep stakeholders informed of how updated policies and processes will affect your financial statements. Here’s a closer look at our technical accounting services:

  • Current Expected Credit Losses
  • Revenue Recognition Analysis
  • Lease Accounting Analysis
  • Business Combination Analysis
  • Purchase Price Allocations
  • Financial Instruments and Derivatives
  • Variable Interest Entities (VIEs)
  • Stock Compensation Matters
  • Segment Reporting Analysis
  • IFRS to U.S. GAAP Analysis
  • Discontinued Operations Analysis
  • Debt Extinguishment and Modifications
  • Tax advisory support

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Here are some other related services that can be helpful depending on the goals you have for your business.

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Centri’s team of experts is ready to help you with your technical accounting needs. You can learn more about our specialists on the One Team page.

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