Elad Yagur

Director of Technology and Information Systems

Elad is the Director of Technology and Information Systems at Centri Business Consulting. He has more than 20 years of information technology and operational services leadership experience. He joined Centri in June 2021 where he is responsible for providing the vision for the firm’s technology infrastructure. He sources and implements new software and hardware, identifies vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement, and researches and recommends new technology solutions to support Centri’s goals. Elad collaborates with executive management to achieve Centri’s goals and objectives in a secure and efficient way.

Prior to his time with Centri, Elad spent 17 years at OmniComp Inc. He first joined as a Service Manager, and then spent 9 years as the Director of Technology Operations. In this role, Elad was an integral part of Omnicomps’ growth and helped the company become one of the top IT managed services providers in the Delaware Valley. Elad orchestrated all IT operations projects and services provided to companies in the healthcare, law, manufacturing, and financial services industries. He developed IT strategies and infrastructure plans while focusing on IT key performance indicators.

Elad implemented various projects, including financial software migrations and implementations, network topology integrations, private and public cloud deployments, MDM rollouts, and on-premises virtual environment implementations.

Elad received his B.S. from Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia, PA.