Manhar Mayank

Senior Manager

Manhar is a Senior Manager at Centri Business Consulting within the Valuation Practice. He has more than 10 years of valuation experience. He joined Centri in August 2023 and has performed business valuations for business combinations, equity interests, intangible assets, and share-based compensation arrangements in the technology, media & entertainment, telecom, and industrial sectors.

He specializes in performing valuations for management decision-making for acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures, internal restructuring, tax and business planning, buy-outs, and allocation of purchase price for tax and financial reporting. He has conducted valuations of the securities and intangible assets of public and private corporations for ASC 805/IFRS 3, ASC 350 /360, IRC 1060, and ASC 718/IRC 409a purposes.

Prior to joining Centri, Manhar was a Senior Manager with Ernst & Young, where he provided valuation services to client companies and provided audit support in the review of a variety of third-party analyses.

Manhar earned a degree in computer engineering from Virginia Tech and holds an MBA from the University of Delhi.