Zach Cooper


Zach is a Valuation Manager at Centri Business Consulting. He has more than 4 years of experience in valuing Complex Financial Instruments requiring Monte Carlo simulations, such as adjustable stock options and warrants, contingent consideration, convertible debt, preferred equity, and other instruments. He joined Centri in June 2019 and assists clients in multiple industries with enterprise valuations, sell-side engagements, ASC 805 purchase price allocations, and creating tailored financial forecasting models. Zach has gained experience in both statistical and non-statistical forecasting methods that can be implemented in enterprise valuation models.

Zach has conducted valuations for financial reporting purposes under ASC 820, ASC 805, ASC 350, ASC 360, ASC 718, and IRC 409A. Additionally, he has worked with clients to build custom, proprietary spreadsheet models that can be used for financial forecasts, real estate investments, capitalization scenarios, and more.

Prior to his time with Centri, Zach worked at R.S. Abrams & Co., LLP, assisting in the audits of school districts, not-for-profits, and state and local governments.

Zach received a B.S. in both Finance and Accounting from the University of Delaware in 2019.